Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Can't

I can’t ever tell you,
What i am going through,
Its always something else in place of the truth.

Its no more the same,
I am no more close to you,
I feel i am away ‘cause,
I can’t ever tell you.

I want to pour my heart out,
Tell you all i think and how much i suffer,
But only silence greets when i try to open my mouth.

My brain stops my heart,
Practicality takes over emotions ,
When i try to express.

After  i come out of the confusion,
You are nowhere to be seen,
I ask myself,
Did i ever love you or was it just a illusion?

Lost in that,
I always assume you were my imagination,
the perfection of my purest desires..............

And then again i ask,
Do you really exist?
Or was it just another dream!


Tanvi said...

ayvan: So touching........ The picture selections also should be appreciated

Tanvi said...

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