Monday, July 19, 2010

Love forever

Love  is not a obligation,
Love is not a responsibility,
Love is not a compulsion,
Its all about affection.

If i love you, i always will,
If you do, you will love me as well,
It doesn’t depend on rough season,
Nor on your mood,
Its a silent saying,
I am with you,
And i will always be.

If you ever loved me,
You would never stop,
For it doesn’t have a past or future,
It is just love,


UjSen said...

I'm thinking it's one of those poems that just hit you and you had to pen down??


Tanvi Nimkar said...

You are quite write it came naturally, infact i write what i actually feel :)

Tanvi said...

Jaspreet: I agree!! doesn't have a past or a is forever..either u do or u don't coz it doesn't look for reasons!!

Tanvi said...

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