Monday, July 19, 2010


Sometimes in life,
We can go wild,
 We can be children again,
Jump in muddy puddles,
Live life on the edge,
But only till you realise,
That you are grown up now.

You can stop by the mirror,
Make funny faces,
And admire your marmosian beauty.

Travel in the train alone,
Stand in the door,
Half outside,
Shout when a bridge comes,
And be a child again.

Find yourself sitting on the foothpath,
Beside a begger,
And sing along with them,
For a penny or two....

But  only to realise,
That you are grown up now.

You can still do all these things,
Only if you realise,
That you are human,
Age doesn’t matter,
All that matters is your attitude.

But only to realise,
People around are watching you,
Through their thin magic glasses,
But you can be seen only through a red one,
‘cause  ‘only your’ attitude defines you...... 


Dharini said...

ya sumtyms it feels gr8 2 4gt dat u're grown up :P :)

Tanvi Nimkar said...

By forgetting you are grown you can actually have some fun....thats what i meant :)