Saturday, July 31, 2010


We are indebted,
To our creator,
He is the one who decides,
About life and death.

When our life is through,
Our souls become free,
But only the trace of our tragic end remains,
Hurting the many others who see it.

Free spirited that we are,
Mortality is only till our body is,
Transcend the idea of body,
And we become immortal.

Our creator gives us life,
To live to die,
To love and to part,
No matter how the end is.

I feel touched by the love,
And Warmth I feel,
Towards my folks,
That includes my creator and other  travellers like me,
One day my end will come,
And I’ll die,
But my love remains.
My love is towards everything that concerns,
And  overwhelm me,
I am immortal for my love is pure,
And this soul is my first love.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Now i know

When I met you,
I was a naive girl,
I fell for you,
I loved you,
And you betrayed my trust.

I thought and thought,
What went wrong?
Something that I didn’t do,
You could see,
And you hurt me.

I was so small,
I didn’t know the realities of life,
You broke my trust,
You broke my heart,
Teared it apart,
A toy that I was,
I couldn’t see in your hands.

I was very confused,
My mistake was big,
My heart was pounding,
And I kept pondering,
Till I remembered my bigger dreams.

I took you out of my mind,
I‘ll never come back to you,
What you did was enough,
To make me realise,
My world is out there,
And you are nowhere.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Umm, There comes a Wednesday,

Another one yet again,
To bring all those wounds back,
To make me face the facts.

There was one Wednesday,
When i saw a mask,
A luring one,
Then came a Wednesday,
To uncover the naked face.

Now i hate Wednesdays,
And i don’t know why,
Something just isn’t right,
And i really can’t figure out why.

There comes a Wednesday,
Every week to make me stray,
The one which signifies my mistake,
And makes me aware of my haze.

Then i ask myself,
Should i blame it on him?
Is it right to hate him?
And  i realise its yet another Wednesday,
Which may come and go,
And i’ll be left to search the unknown.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sometimes in life,
We can go wild,
 We can be children again,
Jump in muddy puddles,
Live life on the edge,
But only till you realise,
That you are grown up now.

You can stop by the mirror,
Make funny faces,
And admire your marmosian beauty.

Travel in the train alone,
Stand in the door,
Half outside,
Shout when a bridge comes,
And be a child again.

Find yourself sitting on the foothpath,
Beside a begger,
And sing along with them,
For a penny or two....

But  only to realise,
That you are grown up now.

You can still do all these things,
Only if you realise,
That you are human,
Age doesn’t matter,
All that matters is your attitude.

But only to realise,
People around are watching you,
Through their thin magic glasses,
But you can be seen only through a red one,
‘cause  ‘only your’ attitude defines you...... 

Now i don't believe

You were a ray of light,
 And of  hope,
I started believing you,
And then you left.

I thought i was hurt,
But infact i was confused,
Why i felt so,
I became emotionally attached .

When i realised,
I blocked every path that lead to you,
And i withdrew myself,
For i have some obligations,
And  different objectives.

Now I won’t drift along the waves,
Now I won’t believe in faith,
Beacuse i don’t believe in love.


I saw you the first time,
Air around seemed magical,
Chatter and mutter,
Seemed musical.

I hid in the doorway,
To get a glimpse,
You were unaware,
Of my stare.

Small droplets bickering,
Loud noise,
And thunder,
Your arrival was a wonder.

My messenger of life,
You cry when i do,
You laugh when i tell you,
What a good companion are you,
I really love you.......

Love forever

Love  is not a obligation,
Love is not a responsibility,
Love is not a compulsion,
Its all about affection.

If i love you, i always will,
If you do, you will love me as well,
It doesn’t depend on rough season,
Nor on your mood,
Its a silent saying,
I am with you,
And i will always be.

If you ever loved me,
You would never stop,
For it doesn’t have a past or future,
It is just love,

Don't know

I sit by the window,
Take a sip from my cup,
Look outside to the trees,
And wonder......

The beautiful mountains,
The lonely street,
And only me,
For company.

Leaves on the ground,
Scattered around ,
Some green some red.

I wonder & i wonder,
This is that wonder,
The one about i ponder...


My love for you is childish,
Its that love which i thought never existed,
Something isn’t right but i feel strongly,
About you and only you.

My love has always been hidden,
My mouth speaks,
But its the heart that actually feels,
 For  you, only you.

I don’t know if i will ever tell you,
Its  my secret which i won’t reveal to you,
My love for you is full of care,
 The  only thing on earth which is rare.

If  you ever understand my eyes,
Which speaks the universal language,
Then i’ll know i found you and only you.

Among the strange crowd ,
I may see your familiar face,
Smiling in a kiddish way,
And that time i would know i found you,
The only one i waited for so long.....


The smile on your face,
The love in your heart,
The feelings of this soul,
I  hope were for me.

I see you everyday in my dreams smiling,
I just love that expression,
But i hope it was for me.

That naughty look,
The cool dialogues,
Oh! i have fallen for you.

No but i cant tell you,
My destiny forbids me,
If this is true love,
You shall come again,
And i will wait,
For i have my dreams to accomplish.

Just Can't

I can’t ever tell you,
What i am going through,
Its always something else in place of the truth.

Its no more the same,
I am no more close to you,
I feel i am away ‘cause,
I can’t ever tell you.

I want to pour my heart out,
Tell you all i think and how much i suffer,
But only silence greets when i try to open my mouth.

My brain stops my heart,
Practicality takes over emotions ,
When i try to express.

After  i come out of the confusion,
You are nowhere to be seen,
I ask myself,
Did i ever love you or was it just a illusion?

Lost in that,
I always assume you were my imagination,
the perfection of my purest desires..............

And then again i ask,
Do you really exist?
Or was it just another dream!