Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hey you!

Hey you!
I am talking to you,
You wanna run away?
Okay run, but remember,
Every path that you take,
Will lead you to me, always.

Hey you!
Listen to me,
Even if you find me stupid,
I don’t care,
Because I believe in you.

I have many things to do,
Rather making you understand,
Because one day,
Sooner or later,
You’ll get it,
I just hope it wouldn’t be too late,
I just hope I’ll be alive by then.

Hey you!
I know you are in search,
Of your heaven,
Go kiss the world,
I’ll wait for you.

Hey you!
I am talking to you,
You wanna run away?
Okay run, but remember,
Every path that you take,
Will lead you to me, always.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


The shady trees,
The long way,
One sided,
And two souls.

Your face so lit up,
So comfortably numb,
Silence speaking volumes,
A ever smiling face,
Looking at me,
Assuring me of bliss.

My eyes sad,
Thinking about you,
Imagining you,
So satisfied,
Love brimming all over you,
Just making me astounded,
Gratitude filled in me.

The two souls,
Yearning for each other,
The bliss of their presence,
Its a beautiful scene,
Sometimes just foreseen,
But lovely!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


As the droplets fall by today,
The grey cover hiding the light,
The cold water sends down a chill,
Making it a delight to feel.

The city is soaked with water,
The reason being rain,
Confusion is all that i have,
And i am trying to hide the pain.

The clouds refuse to go,
The droplets run down like small children,
The paths are wet and sticky,
Making it difficult to walk by the city.

The chance of getting out is nil,
I am grounded for nothing,
The world here is out,
But i am waiting today to just have a taste.

The clouds now move away,
The sun shines again,
A smile covers my face,
Joy fills up my mind,
And then again it rains.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The tears

The tears in my eyes,
worsen every minute,
in this dark hour,
restless and loneliness,
pierce my heart.

The remains,
of this weak heart,
only have hope,
patience is all it possesses.

The tears run down again,
reality is always hard,
it breaks what we have today,
can't mould like a clay.

My pain is unbound,
face flushed & tired,
the dark remains,
the unknown corners,
this lonely night,
and my broken heart,
makes a bitter sweet symphony.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A blank mind

Today I have nothing to say,
Just a blank paper ,
With my hands trembling away,
My heart pounds so fast,
Does not seem to be that important,
Because this time I am at fault.

Its just a word of apology today,
And I have nothing else to say.