Monday, February 21, 2011

Life in a nutshell

Darkness of your soul,
Opens many doors,
From the many to the nothing,
The silence of the graveyard,
Tears your senses apart,
Living in the dead i call.

Love of your angel,
Finally in some beigel,
Coming around your own will,
When you know the fun is no more,
Life in a nutshell,
Comes around when you know you are limited.

Explore i say,
 come around open the doors,
hold your breath,
there is someone,
waiting down for you,
don’t limit yourself.

I live in the shadows,
I don’t enjoy that,
Kinda feels secure,
But i always wonder,
Why this life in a nutshell?
My heart says, explore...explore...
Explore this life in a nutshell.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The footprints in mind

‎Sometimes your lonely presence,
The lonely shadow,
haunts me here,
I want you to leave me alone,
I want the memories to get far off,
I just want to feel it all,
how its to be far.

The times we were together you fought,
you never cared for the love i showered,
I waited all these years for your hi,
I waited to see your name flash on my cell,
 waited to see you smile,
Now its all burdening me,
I have gone deeper than it seems,
In my love I have given you all.

I am empty now,
The shallowness of mind gone,
The innocence all lost,
Its you who did to me,
And it was I who got lost on the way.

You never turned back,
Tears come down this time,
With the verve to get some relief,
From your haunting shadow,
From the traces you left behind,
I am trying to wipe away them somehow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Reflections of the past,
Hovering over me,
A small girl playing in the field,
Hands in soil red and brown,
I think of those days, but with a frown.

The water falling on the roofs,
Empty, wet house of silence,
A beauty in itself carrying along,
The pitter patter of the drops,
Melting my heart.

They eyes of benevolence,
The courage of the century,
The portrait on the wall,
Signifying great leadership.

Mulling thoughts over a large cup of coffee,
Lurking eyes in that pond of life,
Falling enough with those light blue eyes,
Its only when I think about your life,
Leaves falling, wet and green,
Dark are those corners,
Of this huge haveli.

Sometimes are those reflections,
Of the youth and childhood,
Some are the reflections of great pain and desire,
Some are the reflections of that zeal,
Some are the reflections of the lonely old days.

I confuse those reflections with something that I know,
But then I found out,
It’s only this piece of beauty that remains,
And it’s these reflections...