Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last day...

The last time we met,
I was full of life,
My every step was like a lively dew,
I was building my future on your masked nature,
And then I realised it was the last time.

I smiled at you,
Just like I always did,
I put up a brave front,
Now I know I can no more,
My heart cries,
To the noisy beats,
When I hear raindrops ,
It gives me creeps.

I hope one day,
The justice will be done,
You’ll know how it feels,
When your love is gone,
I still want to live in the dreams,
Of us together,
But the strikingly different reality,
Makes me stray,
On the paths of life,
To a destiny unknown.

And the last day,
Just arrived when I was unaware,
It came and your were gone,
I held my breath,
When I saw you the last time,
My blood will take it like a knife,
In this pastime....

The last day,
The last day,
The last day have passed,
And I am left with the memoirs....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Like holding your hand,
And making you stand,
In every storm to be with you,
And climb your mind to support you,
That is how my love for you!

Standing in your doorway,
Looking at your frayed expression faraway,
Take you by your hand to the sky of bliss,
And wake you to a new lease of life,
That is how my love is for you!

Never should you,
Look into the dark black sky,
For I am there to make you fly,
And to put wings of hope in you,
That is how my love is for you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The smile

When I see around,
Find a million reasons to smile,
But why is it that I still find that one reason,
The only one that makes me sad,
I was never like this,
Happiness was my core part,
But as I grew up I found it hard,
Even harder when I am now so excited,
So much to look forward to.

Heart wrenched in these deep confines,
Of solitary love,
And still finding it hard,
To love & let go,
Confusing it is,
And upsetting too,
I hold my tears back,
Make myself strong,
Beacuse I have to bid goodbye,
With a smiling face.

Hard it is but determined I am,
Life is a journey,
In which I am looking for my world,
Full of lovely dreams,
To come and tickle me,
Till I don’t flash my smile,
Which makes so many others smile....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The flight

Wings of imagination,
Make my thoughts fly,
In this rare trance that I get,
Can make you all try,
 But what I mean to say,
Is not always so sly.

My thoughts fly,
And I can see a ant,
As big as me sitting beside me,
And my thoughts again fly,
When I see a dog as big as a elephant,
Running towards me.

My thoughts again fly,
When I am in love with a alien,
Half its size that I am,
But still we marry,
The thoughts keep flying,
And I travel in a interplanetary ship,
With my alien.

My thoughts just keep on flying,
Its sometimes difficult,
To understand whats real and imagined,
I seem to be a psychotic,
Oh what a imagination,
Once again!

There’s no end,
My thoughts just fly,
And take me on a unusual flight,
Once in a while.

Don’t you dare think,
I have gone insane,
Beacuse these are my wings,
I fly and not you,
Think about it,
One day you’ll fly too,
Fly with me!

"Happy Independence day to all"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Breaking Dawn

Oh how I hope things should change,
I wonder why they don’t,
When it comes to matters of the heart,
I become irrationally stupid,
Something that I feel,
I can’t express exactly,
That surely means I need to learn,
Something more about this change.

When I first met him,
Everything seemed magical,
Trees dancing to my tunes,
And me dancing to theirs,
The music of rain drops,
And of my heart,
Together it produced,
 A mild pandemonium.

Love is like a big confusion,
It tears your senses apart,
Holds your brain and sanity for ransom,
And proves you a lovelorn.

Then comes a day,
When you are back to the real world,
You understand the difference,
Between love and lust,
And still you are confused,
In the dark, awaiting winds of change,
To see that flash of lightening,
So that you come out the trance,
The thing that is holding you down,
For you can’t recognise,
The breaking dawn.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lost in bliss

Lounging on my sofa,
Feeling better than ever before,
I see out of the window,
And think about life.

Soon it is going to be something else,
Which I never even imagined,
I feel happy once and then sad the next,
A mixture of mixed emotions,
In the deep colours of world,
I feel the unfelt,
And I hear the unsaid.

I sometimes wander through the dark meadows,
I wonder about the recent developments,
And I see outside to the world to sort out,
To get a hint from nature,
To understand the omens,
Oh! Where am I heading?

I may come out with flying colours,
But this feeling of being lost,
This trying time of deciding,
I want to live every moment of it,
To understand the world,
And its strong foundation.

Listening to the strong winds,
Mooing the windows,
I feel like a free bird,
At last on the crossroads,
Happy like never before,
And the girth of a new life,
I wait for a new beginning,
Of life in which I seem to be lost,
Yes I am lost!!!! Lost in this bliss J