Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Umm, There comes a Wednesday,

Another one yet again,
To bring all those wounds back,
To make me face the facts.

There was one Wednesday,
When i saw a mask,
A luring one,
Then came a Wednesday,
To uncover the naked face.

Now i hate Wednesdays,
And i don’t know why,
Something just isn’t right,
And i really can’t figure out why.

There comes a Wednesday,
Every week to make me stray,
The one which signifies my mistake,
And makes me aware of my haze.

Then i ask myself,
Should i blame it on him?
Is it right to hate him?
And  i realise its yet another Wednesday,
Which may come and go,
And i’ll be left to search the unknown.


surabhi said...

stop thinking about him.....hes a waste.

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Common a day is not a waste :P
I have to face it :)