Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A new day

Eyes fight back sleep,
Fret over the mild pandemonium,
To the distant sound of the usual chatter,
Of markets selling fresh veggies,
Vendors shouting to attract customers,
A feast of sweets, chocolates and love,
Of granny  calling small kids over,
To taste the freshly baked muffins & cookies.

The sun already rose,
Behind  far hill,
In the different hues of yellow,
To mark the beginning of a new morning mellow ,
Dew drops on leaves flicker ,                                  
Flowers on the hill top dance,
Fresh fruits wait to be plucked,
On this brand new morning.

Come out of dreams,
A voice shouts,
Fluttering open my eyes,
I stretch on the bed,
Look  out to the far hill,
Greet my friend sun,
With  a promise of a beautiful fun,
And a Smile that can fill,
The void of this morning,
Marking the new beginning........


Vaisakh said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Its a new day, a new start and all is alive with the beating of a young heart.


Tanvi said...

@Vaisakh: Someone told me he has strange relations with peoms?! :P
Thanks yaar, it was really unexpected :))

@Anshul: You know these are the lines from my fave song by Bryn Adams... :)
Thanks a lot...

UjjwalRaaj said...

Brilliant....and refreshing. =)

dhawal said...

good morning..!! Every day is a new day greeting us to the wonderfully beautiful world outside..! nice write!