Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something speaks!

Something’s strange, something’s very rare,
I tread down my path,
Listening to that beautiful song,
But my brain in some deep thoughts,
Something I really can’t figure out,
Well is this what we call craziness?

First is the encounter,
A shadow of someone,
Whom I never met before,
But his face grips my imagination,
Flashing off a wave of dizziness,
To know it’s actually strange,
Two strangers smiling at each other,
Either out of fantasy or lost minds.

And we turn away on our own ways,
Still thinking about something,
Is this what we call a connection?
A small moment together,
A very strange one.

Every day I tread along the path,
I expect to see his one glance,
Deep down somewhere,
I know it’s so outwardly naive,
But my searching eyes,
Never seem to bother about the inner feelings,
The hope still remains,
And very light it is,
Like that of a sun in a thunder.

A small moment it is,
And when we come across again,
Like two lost strangers,
Something again clicks,
Like we were waiting.

Run along the path,
This time towards each other,
And we smile again,
The childish connection,
Something speaks for itself,
We knew at that moment it does!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Aiii llllike it.

I know its a goody feeling when we are just staring into nothing, or walking, lost in thought and smiling for nothing.
Even better when the person crossing us also smiles back, though we are unaware of that fact that time.

Nipun said...

Something speaks for sure at the first time..:)
It keeps on clicking every time we meet and it continues on and on.

Nice work Tanvi.



Tanvi said...

@Anshul: I agree, and glad you liked!

@Nipun: Well yes it happens like that, continues on, thought I am thinking about its end...

dhawal said...

Something is really speaking

Tanvi said...

@Dhawal: :))

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

soemthing speaks for itself
that the poem is very nice...


Bikram's Blog

A said...

Awesome blog :)

Following you now.

Tanvi said...

@Bikram: Thanks.... I am glad!

@A: Thank you for the appreciation, and I admire... :)