Sunday, October 31, 2010

As we walk :)

As we walk down the path,
Heading hand in hand to the woods,
Chirping birds and singing koels,
Flowers and fruits swarming like bees,
And the animals watching hidden behind piles of leaves.

The tall mountains standing,
Ornamented with thick snow,
Wild flowers crying silently,
As I step on them,
Pleading for mercy,
An insect bite reddens my cheek,
I turn to you with anger,
You smile to the insect,
 And point out the frail being under my boots.

I feel ashamed as I turn to see,
Only to find a wild one dead,
While pleading for mercy,
In her own home,
I came to taste a view of the spectacular forest,
But oh! What did I do?
I still try to argue,
You seem sad,
And you pull my hand as we run.

I huff and sniff as we run through shady trees,
But have no nerve to question you,
I can’t keep up with you,
But you pull me around,
Exhaustion causes me to shout,
While we reach the end of tall trees,
And a small pond comes in view.

All animals, big and small,
Gathered together,
Respecting each other,
Drinking water,
I try to comprehend my feelings,
To feel more guilty,
And a lesson so precious I learn,
Into the wild,
As you and I walk....


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

don't know what inspired this, but it had a mix of companionship and it!

Anonymous said...

nice poem realy enjoyed

hahahaallwaysbeen with you

Bikramjit said...

hmmm thoughful

is that Eden you talking of :)

Bikram's blog

Tanvi said...

@Anshul: A walk down memory lane inspired this.. :) Thank you.

@Anon: Thank you...

@Bikramjit: Thank you... No its just a forest, anyone you like term it that :) Its my anonymous creation :)

A said...

Nice poem

Tanvi said...

@A:Thank you..

nowhereboy said...

reading it was like seeing a beautiful dream...lovely...keep writing..:)

Tanvi said...

@Nowhereboy:Welcome to my another blog... I am glad to see you here..
That means you could see what I wanted to show through my eyes of imagination.. Thank you!