Monday, October 18, 2010

I still hold....

The things that hold me in,
Make me remember you,
And cause me unbound hurt,
Are yours alone only.

I run away from them,
As much as I can I ignore,
I try to keep my mind occupied,
And but still in my times of solitude,
Your memories come running back to me.

Why do I still think of you?
Why do you live in my heart?
Why is my solitude filled with your thoughts?
Questions are numerous,
Answers none.

My heart causes me deep pain,
It has ceased to exist for me,
The pain of deceiving is more to me,
‘cause my heart ain’t mine anymore!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Who? oops

That's better,

Nice Tanvi,

dhawal said...

there aint answers to every question in the world. So, better leave some question to be answered by god itself or better, leave them unanswered. An unknown fact is better than a heart-breaking truth..! Get over him...

D#@r!n! B#@tt said...

nyc 1 !! :)
@dhawal: sumtyms even if v want 2 leave it 2 god den also v cant do it !! v jst cant help our mind nd heart 2 stop thinking abt it !!

Tanvi said...

@Anshul: I know what you mean :P

@Dhawal: I guess you told me this before :P say something new, common if i say i can't get over him then?

@Don: Thanks sweetie!