Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Like holding your hand,
And making you stand,
In every storm to be with you,
And climb your mind to support you,
That is how my love for you!

Standing in your doorway,
Looking at your frayed expression faraway,
Take you by your hand to the sky of bliss,
And wake you to a new lease of life,
That is how my love is for you!

Never should you,
Look into the dark black sky,
For I am there to make you fly,
And to put wings of hope in you,
That is how my love is for you!


dhawal said...

this is seriously damm brilliant...!!!
simply amazing...!! :)

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Oh Thanks for appreciating :)
Such patting helps me! ;)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

lovely love for a loved one. :)


The Silhouette said...

Hey Tanvi,
here, the efforts to complete the stanzas shows...its done quite well..Serious Poetry.
nice one...

The Silhouette...

Tanvi Nimkar said...

@Anshul: Thanks....

@Silhouette: Thanks for appreciating, i wrote this long time back though :)

Poonam said...

nice one

Fatima said...

It's awesome and lovely!

btw Tanvi never knew that you had another blog too! :)

Take Care,

Tanvi said...

@Fatima: Hey nice to see you on this blog.. :) Thanks for the appreciation.. :) :) Now that you know..keep coming. :)