Friday, August 6, 2010

Lost in bliss

Lounging on my sofa,
Feeling better than ever before,
I see out of the window,
And think about life.

Soon it is going to be something else,
Which I never even imagined,
I feel happy once and then sad the next,
A mixture of mixed emotions,
In the deep colours of world,
I feel the unfelt,
And I hear the unsaid.

I sometimes wander through the dark meadows,
I wonder about the recent developments,
And I see outside to the world to sort out,
To get a hint from nature,
To understand the omens,
Oh! Where am I heading?

I may come out with flying colours,
But this feeling of being lost,
This trying time of deciding,
I want to live every moment of it,
To understand the world,
And its strong foundation.

Listening to the strong winds,
Mooing the windows,
I feel like a free bird,
At last on the crossroads,
Happy like never before,
And the girth of a new life,
I wait for a new beginning,
Of life in which I seem to be lost,
Yes I am lost!!!! Lost in this bliss J


Anonymous Someone said...

It is the drop of water that was confused when it left the clouds, uncertain of what fate God has in store for it.
It worries in vain only to find, another abode in the heart of an oyster, to become a pearl.
This is what I could recollect as I read through your lines.
Beautifully done Tanvi.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Thanks for the compliment.