Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last day...

The last time we met,
I was full of life,
My every step was like a lively dew,
I was building my future on your masked nature,
And then I realised it was the last time.

I smiled at you,
Just like I always did,
I put up a brave front,
Now I know I can no more,
My heart cries,
To the noisy beats,
When I hear raindrops ,
It gives me creeps.

I hope one day,
The justice will be done,
You’ll know how it feels,
When your love is gone,
I still want to live in the dreams,
Of us together,
But the strikingly different reality,
Makes me stray,
On the paths of life,
To a destiny unknown.

And the last day,
Just arrived when I was unaware,
It came and your were gone,
I held my breath,
When I saw you the last time,
My blood will take it like a knife,
In this pastime....

The last day,
The last day,
The last day have passed,
And I am left with the memoirs....


dhawal said...

nice one...!!!
bt stop thinking only sad things...
life has a lot to go...

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Hehe :D I can see you desperately trying to make me write good things.... Well i promise from now on good ones :)


The Silhouette said...

Hey Tanvi,
well, reading this jus made me remember the different stages of emotions in love...the before and the after...love hate...two sides of the same coin...

The Silhouette...

D#@r!n! B#@tt said...

it hurts a lot.... wen u lose whom u wntd nd luved dearly...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Tanvi, why this dark kind of post? I have known you to be the author of frolic poems. This one was too dark?

Tanvi Nimkar said...

@Anshul: Dark post for a definite purpose, and that much dark just to explain the sadness and hurt felt by a bleeding heart. I tried to write it down will all the courage i could gather, I don't know whether i did justice.

Yeah I do think it was dark, but i assure you its the last :)

@Silhouette: Two sides of the same coin, yes well said...

@Don: Who better than you to know about it? :P Don't mind, but move on plz for my sake. I can't see my dear friend like this. Be back soon! (To your original self plzzz.)