Saturday, August 14, 2010

The flight

Wings of imagination,
Make my thoughts fly,
In this rare trance that I get,
Can make you all try,
 But what I mean to say,
Is not always so sly.

My thoughts fly,
And I can see a ant,
As big as me sitting beside me,
And my thoughts again fly,
When I see a dog as big as a elephant,
Running towards me.

My thoughts again fly,
When I am in love with a alien,
Half its size that I am,
But still we marry,
The thoughts keep flying,
And I travel in a interplanetary ship,
With my alien.

My thoughts just keep on flying,
Its sometimes difficult,
To understand whats real and imagined,
I seem to be a psychotic,
Oh what a imagination,
Once again!

There’s no end,
My thoughts just fly,
And take me on a unusual flight,
Once in a while.

Don’t you dare think,
I have gone insane,
Beacuse these are my wings,
I fly and not you,
Think about it,
One day you’ll fly too,
Fly with me!

"Happy Independence day to all"


Anonymous Someone said...

Put on the wings of desire, and learn to fly... someday I'll be up and gone.

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Wings of desire? These are my wings of imagination! Its great to fly :)

dhawal said...

keep flying...!!!