Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heart speaks (To the other half)

Why did you leave me, my love?
I am waiting for you,
And I can’t live without you,
But you don’t seem to consider me anymore.

Last time I left ,
You came back with my lost rib,
Now you left again,
I thought you were mine,
Will you come again?

I will wait for you,
If you come back,
You are mine,
And If you don’t,
You never were.

The other half of my heart,
I am waiting for you,
I maybe getting wrong signals,
But my faith I place in my own inheritance,
Please come fast,
And complete my incompleteness,
The other half of me,
My broken rib.......


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Last time I left ,
You came back with my lost rib,

What does it actually mean?

Heart is the one that will never loose hope, that is true.

And there is bloodshed going on, on this blog page. I sincerely hope you get well soon, I wish you get what you want right now. :)

Tanvi Nimkar said...

It means that,
"Once I left, but you came back, and I thought you were mine, was it just a malice or my assumption?"

And bloodshed hehehe :D well not really! Actually its just a conversation and I am waiting for my true love my lost rib, the other half of me..(On casual terms only) :)

Sayak said...

Shattered into pieces,
Lost into oblivious premises-
The heart tries to mend itself, with the glue of hope,
Waiting to be liberated from the-eternal-wait's harsh ropes.

Tanvi said...

@Sayak: So true! And well said :)

The Silhouette said...

two halves of a heart...even that is a broken heart, aint it?? why is one when the 2 halves are together..what is it that keeps them together?? why do we hope for the pieces, when put together, to look like one?? why cant one piece survive??

i donno...may be no one does...may be its bcoz, if one part survives, hope would die...

The Silhouette...

dhawal said...

nice poem...!!!!
yaar....try writing something outside lost love n all....!!!
would definately make u feel better..!!!!!!

Tanvi said...

@Silhouette: One part survives, but it is always in search of its other half, whether you know it or not :)

@Dhawal: Lets do one thing, you give me idea of what to write, 'cause this was meant to be a very casual conversation. And plus everyone waits for that one special person in life, thats the other half,
whether you accept it or not, :)

And I don't :P
Please give me some idea, when we catch each other online ;)
Looking forward to it, thanks a lot!

Nipun said...

Overflowing feelings everywhere..
Just loved the flow of the poetry.

Awesome piece..:)



Tanvi said...

@Nipun: Hey thanks:) overflowing feelings? :P


MoonShine said...

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Great & Nostalgic
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