Friday, September 10, 2010


Come to the world my friend,
See how beautiful it is,
I would love to see you smile,
But promise me you will never die.

I have changed,
And so have you,
Nostalgia takes me on this journey,
A wonderful one,
To remember all this life.

I wait to see you smile,
Have that twinkle in your eye,
When smile reaches your eyes,
I know I won..

In this world so cruel,
Having fought for everything,
Under the sun,
I just wish now a good life for you...

 Bring her back to this world,
I miss you,
              I miss you,
Please let dreams come true!


Punam said...

Tanvi: Very nice. Is that a tribute to a friend who has left?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

small moments of laughter can make a hard journey look so easy, specially when a friend is around.

Nice lines. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

D#@r!n! B#@tt said...

nyc 1... rmmbring all those luving moments spend wid frnds cn rlly be soothing... :) :)

Tanvi said...

@Punam: Its a tribute to a friend who is no more..

@Anshul: Very true :)

@Don: Yes those are the best moments...:)

Thanks all!

dhawal said...

nostalgia- something that makes u smile for the moments u cried n makes u cry for the moments u smiled...!!
just beautifully written..!!