Monday, February 21, 2011

Life in a nutshell

Darkness of your soul,
Opens many doors,
From the many to the nothing,
The silence of the graveyard,
Tears your senses apart,
Living in the dead i call.

Love of your angel,
Finally in some beigel,
Coming around your own will,
When you know the fun is no more,
Life in a nutshell,
Comes around when you know you are limited.

Explore i say,
 come around open the doors,
hold your breath,
there is someone,
waiting down for you,
don’t limit yourself.

I live in the shadows,
I don’t enjoy that,
Kinda feels secure,
But i always wonder,
Why this life in a nutshell?
My heart says, explore...explore...
Explore this life in a nutshell.


A said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Life in a nutshell, oh but the nutshell is having too many convultions and bulges. I wish I could explore them all, every nook and corner. :P :)
Nice one!

Blasphemous Aesthete

The Silhouette said...

Hey, Hi
the way you wrapped it was perfect...the ending, just perfect...

nice read...thoughtful, i would say...

The Silhouette...

dhawal said...

B-E-A-utiful...!!!! everyone is living in a nutshell only....!!! its just that the size of the nut differs for different people...!!!

Tanvi said...

@A: Thanks :)

Tanvi said...

@Anshul: Right I hope and try to do that too :) :)

Tanvi said...

@Harsh: Thanks for appreciating :) :)

Tanvi said...

@Dhawal: Oh yes... very true.. :)Thank you :)

BlogJunta said...

Dear Tanvi,

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P.S: It was a very good poem

rainboy said...

you nailed it in this post.

Life is short but we can make it last forever by LIVING it as it should be lived.

take care